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Welcome to the complete beginner series for Microsoft Dataverse for Teams. “Microsoft Dataverse for Teams” provides the flexibility to create Chatbots, Apps, and Reports within a Teams with the help of Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate.

The beauty of “Microsoft Dataverse for Teams” is everything we are getting as a part of Dataverse for Teams. We do not need to purchase any additional licensing for the same.

We get everything as a part of existing M365 licensing for teams. Here, I will explain how you can create your first Power Apps in Teams. We will build Power Apps in such a manner that we do not need to leave Teams context. Dataverse for Teams creates a separate environment for each team.

This is supporting 500 teams and provide an additional capacity of 2GB Per Teams with 1M Rows for tables of dataverse. Microsoft dataverse for teams is very easy to learn.

Microsoft Dataverse for Teams with Power Apps 

Here I will explain everything step by step. I have provided a complete step by step solution for creating Power Apps in Teams with Microsoft Dataverse. So, stay tuned throughout the complete beginner tutorial series for Microsoft Dataverse.

The overall summary for all 7 chapters are as below:

  • Chapter 0: Course Overview – Beginner Series – Microsoft Dataverse for Teams with Power Apps
  • Chapter 1: Introduction Microsoft Dataverse for Teams
  • Chapter 2: Get Started with Power Apps in Teams with Microsoft Dataverse 
  • Chapter 3: Work with Tables in Microsoft Dataverse for Power Apps 
  • Chapter 4: Build your first Power Apps for Teams with Microsoft Dataverse
  • Chapter 5: Manage Roles in Power Apps with Microsoft Dataverse
  • Chapter 6: Publish Power Apps with Microsoft Dataverse
  • Chapter 7: Dataverse for Teams Licensing 


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