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How to show Windows 10 as full screen mode in Hyper-V? After creating a new Windows 10 virtual machine using Hyper-V, it's not displayed as full screen by default

how to display windows 10 full screen hyper-v

I checked the view > full screen mode and option that was disabled and sometimes it becomes enabled, but the Windows 10 virtual machine still not displayed as full screen mode, how to fix this problem?

full screen mode is disabled in hyper-v

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How to display windows 10 in Full Screen mode in Hyper-V?

To show Hyper-V Windows 10 in Full screen Mode, you have to do the following:

  1. Open Hyper-V Virtual Manager.
  2. On the right side, below Action, click on Hyper-V Settings.
    Hyperv settings

  3. Click on Enhanced Session Mode Policy, and Check Allow Enhanced Session Mode, then click OK.
    allow enhanced session mode in hyperv

  4. Again, click on the Settings for Virtual Machine.
    virtual machine settings

  5. Click on Integrated Services, and make sure that all services are selected.
    Guests services in Hyper V

  6. Now Start and Connect your Virtual Machine.
  7. Once the VM started, from the Virtual Machine toolbar > Click on View > Select "Full Screen Mode".
  8. In the Windows 10, Select Start > Settings > System > Display to open Display Settings.
  9. Below Display Resolution, Select the recommend display resolution, then click on OK.
    Display Resolution in Windows 10
  10. Great, the Windows 10 virtual machine should be now displayed in Full-Screen Mode in Hyper-V.

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