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I am trying to install SQL server 2019 reporting service on Windows server 2019 is failed, and I received the following error message:

Error message 
Setup blocked
The following issues blocked Setup
Installing reporting services on a domain controller is not supported.

installing reporting services 2019 on a domain controller is not supported

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How to install SQL Server Reporting Services 2019 on a domain controller?

For security reasons, Microsoft doesn't support installing Reporting Services on a computer that has a domain controller already installed!
So, you have to create a new machine with NO domain controller installed to be able to install SSRS without facing the Setup Blocking issue!

The SSRS setup will be also blocked for the below SQL Server Reporting Services Versions:

  1. SSRS 2016,
  2. SSRS 2017, and
  3. SSRS 2019.

There is also a request at User's voice since 2018, and it's still Under Review!

Is it possible to install SQL Server on a domain controller?

Actually, you can install SQL Server on a domain controller. however, its also not recommended, and you will face the below limitations:

  1. You can't use a local service account to run SQL Server Services.
  2. You can't enable a domain controller on a machine that already has SQL Server installed, you have first to uninstall SQL Server to enable domain controller. (vice versa)
  3. SQL Server is not supported on a read-only domain controller.
  4. SQL Server failover cluster instances are not supported if the cluster nodes are domain controllers.

Check also, SQL Server 2016 and 2017: Hardware and software requirements

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