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I am using Microsoft Forms with my personal account, and I need to know How many Forms, Quizzes, or Polls can I create in Microsoft Forms?

What're Microsoft Froms Limits

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How Many Forms Can You Create with Microsoft Forms?

According to Microsoft Forms documentation, you can create up to 400 forms as an individual user and up to 400 forms as part of a team in Microsoft Teams. This means that you can have a total of 800 forms if you belong to a team and also create forms on your own.

microsoft forms limit number of forms

However, the Froms limit also depends on whether you have a Dynamics 365 Customer Voice account, which is a more advanced version of Microsoft Forms that offers more branding, question types, and data analysis features. If you have both a Forms account and a Customer Voice account, your 400-form limit spans both accounts. This means that you can only create 400 forms in total across both platforms.

The Form limit includes those in the recycle bin. For example, if you have 350 active forms in the Microsoft Forms portal and 50 forms in the recycle bin, you have reached the 400-form limit.

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