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In Project Server 2013, I have created a new project view in Project Center, But when I opened the Project center by default it shows the summary view but I want when the user opens the project center the default view my newly created project view?

PWA 2013 set default view in project center

Is it possible to set the default view in the project center in Project Server 2013?

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Set Default View in Project Center in Project Server 2013

Unfortunately, In Project Server 2016 /2013, there are no OOTB settings to set a view as default in Project Center Page.

set Project Center default view in PWA 2016

Workaround to set Project Center Default View

As a workaround, you have to do one of the below options:

  1. Change the Project Center View manually.
  2. Set the default view in Project Center using Code.

For the detailed steps, please check my article at How to Set Project Center View As Default in Project Server 2016

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