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Dears, I am getting started to learn Azure from Microsoft Learn and I need now to create a free Azure account to apply what I have learned but I don't have a credit card to create it! Is it possible to create an Azure free account without VISA Credit Card!

create a free azure account without credit card visa

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Is it possible to create an Azure free account without VISA Credit Card?

As a short answer, No you can't create a free Azure account without a credit card.

To create a free Azure account, beside the Phone option, you'll need a VALID Credit Card as a kind of Identity Verification method, it's just for identity validation, you will not be charged for any service until you decide to upgrade.


  • The Azure free account provides you free access for 12months.
  • $200 USD credit to spend for the first 30 days,
  • Access to more than 25 products that are always free.
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Thank you for your prompt answer, as I understood it's only for verification, but I didn't already have a credit card for that! can I use the credit card of my colleague to sign up for an Azure free account then update the credit card later, if yes, how I can update and change credit card for Azure?
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Yes, you can! as I have mentioned in my answer, you will need a valid credit card, regarding the second question, could you please add it as a related question in a new thread (click on the link icon under my answer to add a related question). also please, don;t forget to mark the answer as accepted and upvote it in case it helped you, Thanks!
asked Mar 26, 2021 in Azure by 1 3 3 How to update credit card for Azure?
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