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In Microsoft Teams, I want to prevent users inside my organization to communicate with other users in a partner company that uses a specific domain. what should I configure in Microsoft Teams to do that?

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You just need to block the partner company domain in the Org-Wide Settings > External Access.

External access lets your Teams and Skype for Business users communicate with other users outside of your organization.

How to add or block a domain in Microsoft Teams Admin Center?

  1. Open Microsoft Teams Admin Center https://admin.teams.microsoft.com/.
  2. Go to Ord-Wide Settings > External access > Click on Add a domain.
    Microsoft teams allow or block a domain in external access
  3. Provide the domain that you need to Allowed or Blocked > click Done.
    prevent user to interact with External users in Teams

Note: By default, your organization can communicate with all external domains.

  • If you add blocked domains, all other domains will be allowed
  • but if you add allowed domains, all other domains will be blocked.

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