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What's the maximum number of guest users can I add in Microsoft Teams? also I need to know Is there a license restriction for guest users in Microsoft Teams?

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What's the maximum number of guest users limit in Microsoft Teams?

In Microsoft Teams, there is NO specific limit to the Guest users to add in a meeting. however, the maximum limit number of users who can chat and call in a meeting is 300 users regardless of their type (a guest or user).

Check also Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams.

What's the guest user license in Microsoft Teams?

As a short answer, NO. There is NO Guest User License for Teams.

Guest access is included in

  1. Microsoft 365 Business Standard,
  2. Microsoft 365 Enterprise, and
  3. Microsoft 365 Education subscriptions.

Teams don't restrict the number of guests you can add. No additional Microsoft 365 license is necessary. However, the total number of guests that can be added to your tenant may be restricted by the paid features of Azure AD. read more at Licensing for guest access

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