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Using PowerShell, How can I check if the file already exists in the SharePoint document library without the need to loop for each file?

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In the SharePoint server, you have to use GetListItem($FileURL) to check if a file exists in a SharePoint document library without looping using PowerShell


$siteURL = "SiteURL" #provide the site url 
$FileURL = "DocumentURL" #provide the document URL

$Found = (Get-SPWeb $siteURL).GetListItem($FileURL)
#if the file exists return the file name
If ($Found -ne $null){
  write-host "The file $($Found.Name) is found"}
#if file not found, it will raise an error, so we use try-catch
catch{ write-host "The file is not found"}


check if file exists in sharepoint powershell

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