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Is there a way to delete the whole private chat conversation in Microsoft Teams?

microsoft teams delete private chat

I can delete an individual message in a private chat I have sent. but I can't find an option to delete full private chat conversations in Microsoft Teams!

How To Delete private Chat In Microsoft Teams

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As an admin, you can set up separate Retention Policies to delete private chats (1:1 or 1:many chats). On the other hand, as an end-user, you cannot currently delete entire private chat messages in Microsoft Teams.

In Private Chat, you just can do the following:

  1. Delete a single message that you have sent,
    delete whole messages in Microsoft Teams
  2. Mute or Hide the private chat from the Recent Chat Menu.
    hide private chat in Microsoft Teams

Note: the "Delete all private Chat messages in Microsoft Teams" request is already added to the backlog as reported at User's voice

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