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I've used a SharePoint calculated colmn to validate the request in colmn Name (Validity Stauts ) to show the Expired & Valid requests, However, the calculated colmn is giving me the result very well , but actually I have also OOB workflow when request be created a workflow shall be started.

The requriment is to when approval status is still  "In Progress" i want to let the caclulated colmn shows "Pending Verficaiton", when the the request Approved or Rejected it might be shows either Valid Or Expired.

=IF(AND([Course1 Expiration Date]<=TODAY(),[Course2 Expiration Date]<=TODAY()),"Valid","Expired")

What Should I change in the above SharePoint Calculated Column Formula to use Nested-IF?

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Try to use the below formula with Nested-IF in your SharePoint Calculated column formula

=IF([Approval Status]="In Progress","Pending Verification",IF(AND([Course1 Expiration Date]<=TODAY(),[Course2 Expiration Date]<=TODAY()),"Valid","Expired"))
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