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I am wondering if I can use the SQL Server 2019 standard edition to use Always on availability group or this feature is only ssupported in SQL Server 2019 Enterprise Edition?

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Does SQL Server Standard Edition support the Always-on Availability Group?

As a short answer: NO, the SQL Server Standard Edition DOESN'T support Always On availability groups.

SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition only supports the Basic Availability Group that supports two replicas, with one database.

Which SQL Server Editions support Always On Availability Groups?

The Always On Availability Groups feature is only supported in SQL Server Enterprise Edition.

SQL Server Edition that supports Always On Availability Groups

Note: SQL Server 2019 Standard and SQL Server 2019 Enterprise Edition support Always On failover cluster instances.
For more details, Please check Editions and supported features of SQL Server 2019 and check Failover Clustering and Always On Availability Groups

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Thanks for the confirmation!
If you don’t ask, the answer is always NO!