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I need to replace a part of my current URL with another string using JavaScript when clicking on the URL <A> tag in HTML.

The current URL is


The desired URL should replace a part of the current string to be like


After changing the URL I need to set its value to <a> tag in HTML, How I can do that in JavaScript?

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Replace String in URL using JavaScript

To replace a string in the current page URL using JavaScript, you have to use the replace function with location.href as below

var url = location.href.replace('/ar/','/en');

Set <a> tag link in HTML using JavaScript

To set the new URL to <a> Link tag in HTML, try to do this

function replaceString()
         return location.href=location.href.replace('/ar/','/en/') ;
    <a id="language" href="#" onclick="replaceString()">debug</a>

Set <a> tag link in HTML using JQuery

You can also use JQuery to set the href parameter in <a> tag as below

$("#language").on('click', function() {
  window.location = location.href.replace('/ar/','/en/') ;
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