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How I do exit Telnet client session without closing cmd in Windows?

exit Telnet session without closing cmd

I opened command prompt, and run the telnet server IP port command, the connection is working!

to close the telnet session, I click on the close button of command prompt and reopen it again, 

It doesn't make sense, I need the best way to close the Telnet client session without closing command prompt in Windows

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Quit Telnet client session without closing command prompt in Windows

You have multiple options to exit Telnet client session and go back to the cmd in windows as the following:

Press CTRL+C to Exit Telnet Client Session

  • From the keyboard, press CTRL+C to close the Telnet session connection.

    Exit Telnet client session

Press CTRL+] to Quit Telnet Client Session

  • From the keyboard, press CTRL+] then type QUIT.

    Quit telnet client

You might also like to read ‘telnet’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

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Brilliant as usual, Thanks!
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