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I'm trying to install a Windows server 2019 on a Vmware workstation. But there is an issue when starting the Windows server for the first time. The message Time out. EFI Network...

EFI Network time out

How can I solve Time out. EFI Network problem in VMware with Windows Server 2019?

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How to solve Time out. EFI Network error?

You can solve this issue by changing the firmware value from EFI to bios in the VMWare Configuration file as the following:

  1. Go to the Windows server VM folder path. If you don't know where the path is you can find it in:
    VMware Workstation Player --> Edit virtual machine settings --> Options --> General --> Working Directory.
    VMware Workstation Setting
  2. Open the folder then Edit the Configuration file.
    Configuration file in  VMware Workstation
  3. Search the file for firmware and change the value to "bios".
    Configure bios settings in VMware Workstation
  4. Try now to start your Virtual Machine that should be be working now.
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