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I have a SharePoint 2019 farm, and I have configured the SharePoint Search service that works properly, but when searching on the Search Result page, I noted that there is an Alert Me link!

remove alert me in SharePoint Search result

How can I disable and remove the Alert Me in SharePoint Search Result in SharePoint 2019?

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Disable Alert Me in SharePoint Search Result

You can disable and remove Alert Me link in SharePoint Search Result in Search Settings in Central Administration by doing the following:

  1. Open Central Administration as Administrator.
  2. Below Application Management, click on Manage Service Applications.
    Manage Service applications sharepoint 2019
  3. Click on "Search Service Application" to manage it.
    Manage search service application
  4. Below System Status, search for Search alerts status, and click on "Disable" to set Search alerts status to Off.
    disable search alert status in SharePoint search

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I forget to check the search service in central administration, following your steps helped me to solve my problem, thanks again for your support!
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