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we have an old SharePoint 2013 environment with office web apps top open office document on the browser. we are currently planning to upgrade to SharePoint 2019 but I don't if this feature is still used in the new SharePoint on-prem features or not!

Office web apps SharePoint 2019

I just need to allow inline editing for word and other offices files in browsers as SharePoint Online in SharePoint Server 2019, How can I do that?

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No Office web apps in SharePoint 2019, it's Office online server as Mohamed mentioned in his answer!

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Can I configure Office Web Apps Server in SharePoint 2019?

As a short answer, NO. you can't use Office Web Apps Server in SharePoint 2019, instead, you have to use Office Online Server.

Office Web Apps Server in SharePoint 2013 has been replaced by Office Online Server in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2019.

What's the Office Online Server?

Office Online Server delivers browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote.

  • It provides browser-based file viewing and editing services for Office files.
  • it Works with products and services including SharePoint Server, and Exchange Server that support WOPI, the Web app Open Platform Interface protocol.
  • An Office Online Server farm can provide Office services to multiple on-premises hosts, and you can scale out the farm from one server to multiple servers as your organization's needs grow.
  • Office Online Server requires dedicated servers that run no other server applications.
  • With Office Online Server, users can also view Office files that are stored outside SharePoint Server, such as those in shared folders or other websites. This functionality is provided by a feature known as Online Viewers.

Note: Visio is not supported by Office Online Server, to use Visio, you have to use SharePoint Enterprise edition and configure Visio Application Service.

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