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II have configured Workflow Manager by following the instructions at Configure Workflow Manager SharePoint 2016, I also checked the Workflow Manager Health Checklist to make sure that the I configured SharePoint 2016 properly.

But when I tried to create a workflow site in SharePoint designer, I can't find SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Project Server in Platform type in SharePoint Designer 2013.

SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Project Server

My questions are

  • Why SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Project Server is not listed in SharePoint Designer?
  • How can I show SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Project Server in SharePoint Designer?

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SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Project Server is not available in SharePoint Designer 2013

To show "SharePoint 2013 Workflow - Project Server" in SharePoint Designer 2013, you should make sure that

Configure SharePoint Service Application Association
- The User Profile Sync service is configured properly.
- If the above steps don't help, so make sure that you have patched your SharePoint farm with the latest SharePoint Cumulative update

It's strongly recommended to install the SharePoint Cumulative update for the current month -1. eg: we're in May 2020 so you should not install SharePoint CU May 2020, Instead Install SharePoint CU April 2020 or March 2020.

To get the current SharePoint Cumulative Update installed, please check Find Farm Patch Level / latest Cumulative Update that has been installed on SharePoint Farm

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