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We are delighted to introduce a session that goes beyond the basics— "Creating Power Automate flows for Business Central that actually matter!" This insightful session will be led by AJ Ansari, COO at DSWi and a Microsoft MVP, at the Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2024 in Saudi Arabia.

Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2024 in Saudi Arabia.

Navigating the Power Automate Landscape for Business Central:

Are you tired of sifting through countless YouTube videos on Power Automate flows, only to find them demonstrating simple examples and out-of-the-box API pages for Business Central? AJ Ansari has the solution. In this session, he goes beyond the basics and dives into the realm of creating Power Automate flows that truly matter in the real world.

Session Overview:

AJ will guide you through the intricacies of leveraging data from custom tables and pages, demonstrating how to call bound actions to execute code in Business Central directly from your Power Automate flow. Say goodbye to generic demos and get ready for real-world examples that can transform the way you work.

This session promises no fluff, no kool-aid—just real talk and tangible examples that bridge the gap between theory and practical implementation. AJ's straightforward approach will empower you to create Power Automate flows that address real-world business challenges.

About AJ Ansari:

AJ Ansari, a recovering consultant with 16 years of experience in Business Central and its predecessor NAV, brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Recognized as a Microsoft MVP since 2018, AJ is a seasoned public speaker, having presented sessions on Business Central, Power BI, sales, and leadership topics at Partner and User-Group conferences since 2012.

Before assuming the role of COO at DSWi in 2018, AJ served in various capacities, including practice leader, presales specialist, and product evangelist at renowned NAV partners in North America. His achievements include being a member of the Business Journals Leadership Trust and receiving accolades such as the BCUG / NAVUG All-Star, the Community Summit Legends Award, and the Directions North America Under 40 Excellence awards.

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