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Embark on an insightful journey into Collaborative PCF (PowerApps Component Framework) Development at the Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2024 in Saudi Arabia. This illuminating session will be led by Betim Beja, a Solution Architect at Shko Online and a Microsoft MVP.


Diving into the Session

Betim Beja will showcase live PCF component development using Test Driven Development (TDD). In this hands-on session, Jest will be the tool of choice for writing tests, while StorybookJs will be employed for crafting stories, ensuring thorough testing and documentation of the component. The results of unit tests can be seamlessly published in the pipeline, while stories can be shared as a static website, gathering valuable feedback from all stakeholders. Notably, all the tools utilized in this session are open-source, emphasizing a collaborative and accessible development approach.

Meet Betim Beja

Betim Beja - Solution Architect at Shko Online, Microsoft MVP, With a wealth of experience as a Power Platform technical consultant since 2018 and a full-stack .NET developer since 2003, Betim Beja brings a unique perspective to collaborative development. A dedicated Test Driven Development enthusiast, Betim has made significant contributions to the Power Platform developer community, earning the distinction of being the first Microsoft MVP in Albania.

Betim's commitment extends to investing in tools and techniques that simplify a developer's life, making him a go-to expert in the Power Platform realm. His session promises to provide valuable insights into collaborative PCF development, shedding light on best practices and open-source tools that enhance the development lifecycle.

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