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Microsoft Tech Community invites you to two special events that promise to shape the future of task and work management within Microsoft 365, and the Planner product team is excited to share what’s coming to the new Microsoft Planner and introduce the powerful integration of Microsoft Copilot.

The new Microsoft Planner

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1. Meet the Makers Virtual Event (April 3rd)

On April 3rd, from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (PDT), The Planner product team leaders will take center stage in the virtual event, “Meet the Makers.” Here’s what you can expect:

  • The Evolution of Task Management: Discover how Microsoft Planner is evolving to meet the needs of individuals, teams, and large organizations. We’ll delve into the latest features designed to enhance productivity and streamline project management.

  • The Power of Microsoft Copilot: Learn how Copilot, our intelligent assistant, seamlessly integrates with Planner. From creating plans and tasks to answering questions about progress, priorities, and workload, Copilot simplifies the entire experience.

2. Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) Session (April 4th)

Mark your calendars for April 4th! During our Ask Microsoft Anything session, members of the Planner product team will directly address your questions. Whether you’re curious about recent updates or want to explore specific features discussed during the Meet the Makers event, this is your chance to engage with the experts.

Agenda + Experts (All Times in Pacific Time Zone, PT):

  • Wednesday, April 3

    • Meet the Makers Kickoff (10:05 AM – 10:40 AM)
      • Experts: Howard Crow & Roberto Bojorquez
      • Dive into the vision behind Microsoft’s tasks and work management offerings. Explore new features that empower users across organizations, and witness Copilot in action as it transforms planning, task creation, and goal-setting.
  • Thursday, April 4 (10:05 AM – 11:30 AM)

    • Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) Session
      • Get direct answers from the Planner product team. Bring your questions, insights, and curiosity!

Don’t miss out on these exciting events

Attend the FREE Virtual Microsoft Planner & Copilot Events (YouTube Live link below) and revolutionize your task management!

Meet the Maker (Live URL)

Ask Microsoft Anything (Live URL)

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