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I have a project created by the Django framework and in this project, the visitors able to create cases, and this case have a target number field with the decimal type and the other visitors can vote to reach this target.

The Model of the case

The problem is fired when I try to make operation on it like "subtraction"  to get the remaining like below code

result = case.target - case.vote

The result by default is rounding up and this not correct, after while from debugging here is the result 

----- get_remaining ------

target :  6050.00

vote :  6.00

Decimal(target) :  6050.00

Decimal(vote) :  6.00

Decimal(target) - Decimal(vote) :  6.0E+3

Decimal(target) - Decimal(vote) :  6000.0

result:  6000.00


I found the issue is converting the numbers to "Scientific notation" with the letter E this means the number 6.0 10 to the power of 3 equal 6000.0 !!!

Now I know the issue but I didn't know how to fix it? anyone have Idia how to fix it 

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