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In SQL Server Management Studio, I have created two tables like

  1. Employee,
  2. Department,

I have set the relation between department and employee as a one-many relation. but when I delete a row from the Employee table, I got this error

The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint

I am a beginner, started learning the database concepts, and I need help to fix this error?

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The error occurs because Enforce foreign key Constrain=Yes and Also Delete rule =No Action You can change the value of Enforce foreign key Constrain=No Or Change Delete Rule

DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint

In Delete Rule, there Are four choices

  1. No Action: in this case, you will get the Error message.
  2. Cascade: if you chose this when you delete record from the Department tables will also Delete Employee in this Department.
  3. Set Null: set value to NULL.
  4. Set Default: If you added Default constraint in the Employee table when you choose this choice it will add the default values.

You can see also Modify Foreign Key Relationships

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