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In SQL Server 2019, I want to select  an Email from the Users table, I wrote this query

Select Email from Users

I got result ex: Ahmed@gmail.com I want to display Email like this A****@gmail.com and print only the first character and mask the rest of the email as shown below:

How to hide Email in SQL using Data Masking

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Data Masking in SQL Server 2019

To create a data masking for an email to print only the first character and mask the rest of the email, you will need to use four functions to do this :

  • REPLICATE function: repeats a string value a specified number of times.
  • SUBSTRING() function: It Returns part of a character, binary, text, or image expression
  • CHARINDEX function: to searches for '@' character inside a second character expression and returning the starting position of the first expression if found.
  • Len function: It returns the number of characters of the specified string expression, excluding trailing spaces.

The final Data Masking query :

--select first character from Email and use replicate
SUBSTRING(Email,1,1) + REPLICATE('*',5)+ 
--function to put asterisks
--at this statement i select this part  @gmail,com and to first part to become like this A*****@gmail.com
as Emailmask
From TableName
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