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Is it possible to update a table based on another table in SQL Server, I have two tables and I need to update all records in the second table based on matched records in the first table

How I can update a table from another table in SQL?


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Yes, you can update a table based on another table using T-SQL Update and Inner Join Statements.

For example,

Consider you have two tables as below:

How to update table from select in SQL?

Here you can update the Name value in the first table (T1) based on the matched values in the second table (T2) using this query:

    t2.id = t1.id,
    t2.[name] = t1.[name]
    INNER JOIN t2  
        ON t1.id = t2.id
    t1.name = 'ali'

Here is the result of two tables after running the above update and inner join query

pdate a table based on another table using  T-SQL

Hope it helps!

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