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I have Usere table its contain a lot of data I need same table with data in another
database how can I do that ?

I try to use this way but i get sql query contain just design of table not data in the table 

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Export Data in SQL Server 2019

In SQL Server, you can use Export Data wizard to copy a table from database to another database, and to do that you should do the following:


  • Right-click on your database > Select Tasks - click on Export Data
    Export Data in SQL Server 2019
  • The Export and Import wizard Should be opened- Click Next.
    Export and Import wizard
  • Choose Data source and database and click Next.
    Data source and database
  • choose the destination, Server name, and Database and click Next.
  • Choose Copy data from one or more tables or views and click Next.
    Copy data from one or more tables or views

  • Select the table that you want to copy.
    select tables

  • At Save and Run Package choose Run Immediately and click Next.
    Run Package

  • Wait until the execution was successful and click close.
    export data the execution was successful

  • Go to the destination database and refresh it, you should find a new table is exist.

You also use Generate Scripts if you want to copy a table with schema and data to another database that hosted in a different environment.

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