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I've created a database that includes about 60 tables and I did the required relationships in between.

All tables are empty now. All tables should be filled in with data from Excel workbooks.

How to do the bulk import form data from excel to SQL database?


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The simple way to import data from an Excel file to a specific SQL table in the SQL Server database is using Import Wizard

Import data from Excel to a table in SQL Server

  1. Right-click on the database that contains your tables and clicks on > Tasks > Import Data.
    Import Data in SQL

  2. Select Data source as Microsoft Excel and specify the path of the Excel file.
    read data from excel in SQL server

  3. Choose the Destination as SQL Server then select the database.
    Import data to SQL table from excel

  4. Click Next to specify the table copy or query
    specify the table copy or query in Import Wizard

  5. Select the source table from Excel and destination table from your database and click next

  6. Click next to the next step

  7. This step make sure you are select the checkbox of run immediately and click next

  8. Click Finish to finish the wizard and wait until the wizard completed successfully.

Note: Make sure the Excel sheet has the same structure as the SQL table in the database.

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Thanks a lot.
Please, if I am importing data several times on a daily basis, so I've to repeat these steps each time?
Or there is a simpler way to do so?
The reason for asking is that I've about 130 workbooks that are generated and must be added to the database daily and each table from excel is going to be added to an exact table in the database as you just thankfully showed me.
The Excel workbooks will always have the same exact format.
If you don’t ask, the answer is always NO!