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Hello all,

 I have a table in power BI, and I would like to remove the column header ?

Is it possible remove the table column header in Power BI?

Thanks for any thoughts

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Power BI: Remove Table Column Header

As a short answer: No, it's not currently possible and there is no option to show or hide the table column header in Power BI!

The available Workarounds

If you only have one column in your table! so you can use one of the below options:

  • Using "Multi-Row Card" instead of the table!
    Power BI hide column Header using Multi Card
  • Using "Slicer", and set "Slicer Header" to Off, but in this case, you will not be able to add "visual level filter"!
    Power BI hide column Header using Slicer

If you have multiple columns in a table, so you should change the "Column Headers" format, by doing the following

  • Setting the "Font color" to White.
  • Setting the "Outline" to None.
  • Turn off Table Title.

Remove Table Column Header in Power BI

As you can see, there is a white space that is clickable in the run time, so to avoid this white space you should overlap this portion with an Image or shape or text box with your preferred title.

Don't forget to bring this object forward to the table from the Format tab.


Power BI remove column table Header


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You alright it's not possible, thanks for your helpful answer
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But extra blank space will be still be there in column header. How we can remove that?
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You can't remove that, Instead, you should add an Image with the table title or any kind of decoration as you prefer to overlap the table header and to hide the blank space, and disallow the user to click on this section!  Please, if you have an additional question don't hesitate to ask it in a new thread!
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