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Hi, got a situation where several users patched their Project Professional 2013 from RTM to SP1 and then to January 2019 update.

Now their publish button and open Project from the PWA are gone. We ensured that they have Project Professional 2013 and have the correct patches. Anyone seen this behavior before where a patch re moves these buttons?

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First of all, try to update the Project Profissional version with the build number of the new updated Project Profissional (Jan 2019) as mentioned below:

  1. Open Central Administration.
  2. General Application Settings.
  3. PWA Settings.
  4. Click on "Additional Server Settings".


Try now, to open an updated Project Profissional and check if you can find the open and publish button or not.

Don't forget to connect to your Project Server account , not the local commputer.

  • If the issue solved, check the old versions too!
  • If the old version is not worked, so you have two options:
    • Patch the other old Project Profissional versions to Jan 2019 update.
    • Downgrade the new updated versions.

If the issue still exists, so in this case, you may need to patch your Project Server with the latest update!

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