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I have a SharePoint 2013 farm, I created a new SharePoint solution as a sandbox solution and I can add a visual web part as a new item that was added successfully.

add new visual web part in sharepoint 2016 solution

When I built the solution, I faced this error.

Error 2 The name 'InitializeControl' does not exist in the current context
c:\users\awis\documents\visual studio 2017\Projects\SharePointProject\SharePointProject\VisualWebPart1\VisualWebPart1.ascx.cs

The name 'InitializeControl' does not exist in the current context in SharePoint 2016

How I can fix this error "The name 'InitializeControl' does not exist in the current context in SharePoint 2013"?

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The name 'InitializeControl' does not exist in the current context

This kind of Visual WebPart is supported in SharePoint 2013 Sandbox solution. and actually, I can't regenerate your error on my side.
So I would suggest doing the following:

  1. if it's a new Visual WebPart. try to delete it. (take a backup from the solution before deleting).
  2. Save your changes and restart Visual Studio as Administrator.
  3. In Project Properties, set the SandBox solution to false (Or create a new SharePoint Project deployed as Farm Solution)
    Switch sandbox solution to farm solution
  4. Readd a new Visual WebPart (Farm Solution Only), not a Visual WebPart.
    Create Visual WebPart (Farm Solution Only)

Code-based sandbox solutions are deprecated in SharePoint 2013 and in SharePoint 2016. Read also The Resource does not exist in the current context

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Hi Mohamed, using the visual web part with farm solution only, solved my error! Thanks for your help!
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