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In Windows 10, I have uninstalled the Visual Studio Code then I have reinstalled it again. but I have noted that the Visual Studio Code still has the old settings and extensions! so I need to know how to completely remove Visual Studio Code on Windows 10?

How to uninstall VS Code completely on Windows 10

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Steps to remove Visual Studio Code completely from Windows 10:

I have solved my problem to uninstall Visual Studio Code completely in Windows 10

  1. Go to Visual Studio Code path.

     %LocalAppData%\Programs\Microsoft VS Code
  2. Click on the 'uninst000.exe' file.
    uninstall Visual Studio Code  completely in Windows 10

  3. Will see Message Box to confirm uninstalling Visual Studio Code > press YES.
    Remove Visual Studio Code  completely in Windows 10

  4. After the uninstalling is done, delete the Code folder at the blowing path


    uninstall completely VS Code ?

  5. Delete the .vscode folder at the below path



Now, the Visual Studio Code should be completely uninstalled and all old settings and extensions have been removed and you are ready to install a fresh VS code again on the same PC without uninstalling Windows.

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Thank you Ali.
It was very helpfull for me!
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Thank you, Ali.
Very direct and fast way to solve my problem.
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Thanks a lot. Just a remark usefull for others.

Code dir was located in users\<me>\AppData\Roaming and
.vscode dir was located in users\<me>
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Thank you Ali.   My VS Code simply would no longer function and was completely useless!
It couldn't ever do C# and JavaScript.  It only worked with Python, and then barely.
If you don’t ask, the answer is always NO!