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In Project Server 2016 / 2013, I added a new enterprise custom field with a DATE typewhen I added the custom date field in Project Detail Pages (PDP) it is displayed as datetime, not date only!
How to format this custom field date only in Project Server PDP and Project Center?


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How to show date without time in Project Server PDP?

In Project Server 2019 / 2016 and 2013, there is no OOTB setting to customize the Enterprise Custom date field format to a specific date format in PDP.

However, you can use the JQuery and JavaScript custom code as a workaround solution to show date without time in Project Details Page in View and Edit Mode as below:

show date without time in PDP view

For the detailed steps and the full script code to format date in PDP, Please check Project Server 2016: How to format Date in PDP

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