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In Microsoft Teams, I have discovered that there are some teams without owner, but I don't need to check team without owners manually, Is there anyway to receive a notification when a team is missing an owner.

I cheched the Microsoft Teams Admin center > Org-Wide Setings > Team Settings, I didn't find any option to get notification for ownerless teams

get notification for teams without owner

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There is no option to Email contact for groups with no owners in Microsoft Teams Admin Center, instead, you should use Azure Activity Directory Admin Center to receive a notification for teams without an owner by setting the"Email contact for groups with no owners" in the Expiration Settings.


  1. Open Azure Active Directory Admin Center.
  2. From the left menu, click on Azure Active Directory > Groups.
    Open Groups in Azure Active Directory
  3. Click on Expiration to Configure the expiration policy.
    Manage Expiration in Azure Active Directory
  4. At Email contact for groups with no owners, List of email addresses separated by a semicolon ';'
    Email contact for groups with no owners
  5. Save your settings.

Check also, Configure the expiration policy for Microsoft 365 groups

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