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in SharePoint Server by 10 11 17

When I was retracting a SharePoint solution over the Central Administration, the retracting job took a long time and It couldn't be done successfully as below:

Please, help me to know How I can remove a SharePoint solution in retracting status in SharePoint Central Administration.

1 Answer

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by 10 11 17

so I did the following to remove the stuck SharePoint solution (Retracting) from SharePoint central administration

  • In Services, Check SharePoint administration service is running or not. If it is running, please restart it(stop and start)
  • Try to uninstall it again. if it is still stuck execute the below command to know more about pending jobs

     stsadm -o enumdeployments
  • Now, try to remove the solution with force command

     Remove-SPSolution -Identity your.wsp -force

  • Go back to the solution management it should be removed now, 

  • try now to install it again that should be deployed successfully.
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