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I am using Microsoft Teams on a daily basis to create teams and manage channels. one of my teams has private and standard channels and in some cases, I may need to convert the type of channel from standard to private or from private to standard to avoid creating new channels!

But I've noticed that there's no option to convert the channel type in the Microsoft Team client app! I don't know if it requires additional permissions or I can't convert the channel type through the desktop app and I need to use Admin Center! actually, I don't know!

So my question: Is it possible to convert private channels to standard channels in Microsoft Teams? if Yes, How I can convert a standard channel to a private channel in Microsoft Teams?

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Convert standard channel to private channel in Microsoft Teams?

As a short answer: No, you CAN'T convert the channel type from private to standard and vice versa.

As mentioned in Microsoft docs, When a private channel is created, it's linked to the parent team and can't be moved to a different team. Additionally, private channels can't be converted to standard channels and vice versa.

BTW, As per the reply of the Microsoft Engineering Team on Aug,4,2020, the converting channel type request has been added to the Microsoft Teams backlog but it still not released right now!

make standard channel private in Microsoft Teams

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