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I have deleted a channel in Microsoft Teams that has been deleted successfully. After 1 week I decided to restore the deleted channel as answered in How to restore deleted channel in Microsoft Teams?

After restoring the deleted channel, I have decided to delete it again but I had noticed that the delete this channel option is missing

missing delete option for channel in Microsoft Teams

However, other channels that not deleted before have already the full options to delete a channel, add members and edit this channel...etc.

Missing delete channel options in Microsoft Teams

Am I missing something? Why the full channel options are missing for some channels, not all?

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Missing Delete Channel option in Microsoft Teams

I have tried to reproduce your scenario on my side, but I didn't get the same result, and all channel options like delete channel are already shown.

So that, I would suggest doing the following to allow delete channel option:

  1. Make sure that the Team owner allows the Team members to delete and restore channels.
    • As a Team owner, Open Microsoft Teams Desktop App > Right-click on the Team > Select Manage Teams.
    • Go to Team Settings > Member Permission > Make sure that the "Allow members to delete and restore channels" option is checked.
      allow members to delete and restore channels
  2. If you are already a Team owner or you are a team member and the "Allow members to delete and restore channels" option is already checked, so try to HIDE then reshow the channel again that would help to refresh the settings.
    hide channel in Microsoft Teams
  3. Make sure that the channel that you are trying to delete is not the General Channel.
    delete general channel in Microsoft Teams

    Note: In Microsoft Teams, you CAN'T delete or hide the General Channel even you're a team owner.

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