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Besides Microsoft Learn and Code Samples, Microsoft announced a new Microsoft Q&A (Preview) to be a new extension below Microsoft docs to get answers to all your technical questions on Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft Q&A is considered a frank replacement for MSDN and TechNet Forums with a new experience and additional features like:

  • Tag-based experience allows you to ask questions across products and services in a single place.
  • Follow posts, tags, or people to get updates.
  • Unified Profile for single sign-on across docs.microsoft.com.
  • Suggested answers as you type your question to quickly identify possible existing answers.
  • Bookmark content for future reference.

It looks a great direction to use one profile for all Microsoft docs extensions like Microsoft Learn and Code Samples ...etc. and considers Microsoft docs as a unified knowledge platform for all Microsoft technologies. 


Share your feedback

You can share your feedback at https://docs.microsoft.com/answers/content/idea/list.html

Check my feedbacks

  1. Remove the image attachments and make the image clickable.
  2. Hide the page extension in the address bar.
  3. I can upvote my answer and my idea! Please, Fix it!
  4. Top contributors and Most Active users per week, month, quarter, year and all the time.
  5. Unanswered questions sections.
  6. Add format to the code sample per language.
  7. Add Biography, Website Social Media Connections fields in Q&A Profile.
  8. Missing the badges system!
  9. Show the number of views beside each question.
  10. Add flag/report icon below questions/posts.

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