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Is it possible to change the color of the Read-Host in PowerShell? I can easily change the color in Write-Host using "-foregroundcolor" but when tried to use "-foregroundcolor" with Read-Host, It's not worked and print the "-foregroundcolor" in the Read-Host message

change color read host powershell

For example, I need to show the EX: Praveen Kumar with a different color in Read-Host

$name = Read-Host "Please, type your Name, EX: Praveen Kumar"
Please, type your Name, EX: Praveen Kumar

Is there a workaround to use -foregroundcolor with Read-Host in PowerShell?

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Unfortunately, Read-Host does not have a -ForegroundColor parameter. However, you can use Write-Host with -ForegroundColor as a workaround to use color in Read-Host as below:

Use Color in Read-Host Workaround

$input = $(Write-Host "Please, type your Name" -NoNewLine) + $(Write-Host " EX: Praveen Kumar " -ForegroundColor yellow -NoNewLine; Read-Host) 


Using color with read-host powershell

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