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I tried using this PowerShell command inside a PowerShell script to open the page to set the microphone.


Unfortunately, this command simply opens the Chrome home page without showing the microphone setting page. Then after you have to write chrome://settings/content/microphone in the URL to reach the microphone setting page.

This facilitation is needed to make it easier for people that use webcaptioner (a free subtitling tool) to set the microphone. Most of them are deaf pupils. and deaf students with poor knowledge of PC settings.

Thanks in advance.

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Unfrothuantly, it's not allowed to load local resources or open a secure Chrome page like the chrome://settings/ page using PowerShell!

Even if you tried to open Chrome Settings Page using window.open() as a workaround, you will get the below error

Not allowed to load local resource: chrome://settings/

Not allowed to load local resource: chrome://settings/

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Many thanks Mohamed, I suspected it.
As workaround  I programmatically open an html page with information needed to set the microphone
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A great workaround, could you please share it as a new answer to be helpful for all future users who will face the same issue. Thanks!
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