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Page Diagnostics for SharePoint is s a browser extension for Chrome and Microsoft Edge designed to help you identify SharePoint site pages in Microsoft 365 that may not be delivering optimal performance in both modern and classic pages.

Page diagnostics for SharePoint

Supported SharePoint Versions

Page Diagnostics for SharePoint is designed to only support SharePoint Online, It doesn't support SharePoint On-Premises.

Supported Pages

Page Diagnostics for SharePoint supports 

  • Modern SharePoint Site Pages.
  • Classic SharePoint Site Pages.

The Page Diagnostics tool is designed to analyze only the SharePoint site pages. If you have tried to run the Page Diagnostics tool on a system page, you will get this error:

Can't run page diagnostics on this page. Use this tool for SharePoint site pages only.

      Can't run page diagnostics on this page. Use this tool for SharePoint site pages only

How does Page Diagnostics for SharePoint works?

Page Diagnostics tool works by comparing characteristics of a site page to known best practices and provide remediation guidance like:

  • Identifying images that are too big,
  • Whether CDNs properly in place
  • If you have web parts that rely on iFrames and more.

Install Page Diagnostics Tool for SharePoint

  • As per your browser, download Page Diagnostics Tool extension 
  • Open your SharePoint online site.
  • Navigate to any SharePoint Site Page (Not a System Page).
  • Click on the Page Diagnostics Tool extension icon, then click on "Start".
  • Wait a moment for the Page Diagnostics Tool to collect data.

Page diagnostics for SharePoint collecting data

Note: Microsoft does not read data or page content that is analyzed by the Page Diagnostics for the SharePoint tool, and we do not capture any personal information, website or download information. 

  • There are two tabs for
    • The diagnostic test displays the analysis results in three categories:
      • No action required,
      • Improvement opportunities,
      • Attention required

         Page diagnostics for SharePoint Page-min

    • Network Trace provides details about page build requests and responses.

       Page diagnostics for SharePoint Network trace-min


In conclusion, we have explained a great simple extension to analyze SharePoint Online modern and classic site pages against a pre-defined set of performance criteria.

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