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Format source code onlineWould you like to format your source code? Would you like to create and share beautiful images of your source code?

Carbon is a great online tool that helps you to format your source code based on your programming language and export it to an attractive image to share it in your articles, social media ...so on

How to use Carbon?

You have three ways to import your source code to Carbon editor like the following:

  • Copy and paste your code directly.
  • Drop a file into the editor.
  • Append the GitHub Gist ID to the URL "https://carbon.now.sh/Gist ID".

format and share your code


  • You can create your own style or use an existing one.
  • You can also change the language, background color, font.....etc.

Create a custom format in carbon 

Cons of Carbon

One of the main Carbon cons is the difficulty of taking screenshots for long code.

Alternatives to Carbon

Polacode is an extension for visual studio code that allows you to quickly create formatted and attractive code screenshots.


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