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I have installed a new SharePoint 2019 environment, and I need to configure the variation for the new SharePoint 2019 site collection, but I can't find Variations Settings under Site Collection Administration!

Why I am missing Variations Settings in SharePoint 2019 and ًhere can I find the Variations Settings in SharePoint 2019?

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Variations in SharePoint 2019

First of all, you should be aware of The variations in SharePoint 2019 is deprecated but will remain supported.

Variations in SharePoint 2019

For more details, Please check Features deprecated in SharePoint Server 2019

Missing Variations in SharePoint 2019

As per the above mentioned, the Variations feature is still available in SharePoint 2019 but Variations can be used only on

1) Sites that are created by using one of the Publishing site templates, or

Variations Publishing site in SharePoint 2019

2) Sites for which the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature was activated.

Activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure in SharePoint 2019

In your case, you may be using a Team site or any site template in which the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature was NOT activated, and to be able to use Variations in SharePoint 2019 you have to activate it. or instead of using a Team site, you have to use a Publishing site template to can get Variations settings under Site collection Administrator as shown below.

Configure Variations in SharePoint 2019

Note: Before activating the SharePoint Server Publishing feature in a Team site, you have to check first its effect at Enable SharePoint Server Publishing Feature on Team Site Considerations

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You're right Moahmed, The problem was I am using Team site and the publishing feature is not activated!
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