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After configuring the Variation Labels in SharePoint 2019, I tried to open the variation labels page in Site collection administration settings but I got the Field Not Found error

Field Not Found in SharePoint 2019 Varaition Labels

Indeed, I didn't change anything and I suddenly got the Field Note Found error when opening the Variation Labels page at this path http://sitecollection/_layouts/15/VariationLabels.aspx

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Solving: Filed Not Found: Title in SharePoint 2019 Variation Labels

Actually, it's unexpected behavior that may occur in case the Field name in the hidden Variation Labels is changed or removed!


To can open the VaraitionLabels.aspx page, and solve the Filed Note Found error, you have to do the following:

  1. Open your SharePoint Site Collection.
  2. In the Site Collection Adrees, add this part /Variation%20Labels/allitems.aspx to open the Hidden Variation Labels List.

    Ex: http://SiteCollection/Variation Labels/allitems.aspx

  3. Once the Hidden Variation Labels List opened, click on the above ribbon, and select the List tab, then click on the Quick Edit button.
    Quick edit in SharePoint 2019 list
  4. Here, you will note that the Label Field name is changed to another name like "Title", which should be named as Label.
  5. Double click on the Title column name, and select "Rename Column", and set its value to "Label".
    Field Not Found Lable Variation sharepoint
  6. Stop editing, and make sure that the current column name is Label as shown below:
    Field not found variation sharepoint
  7. Go back to open the SharePoint Variation Labels page settings that should be now working as expected!
    how to open Variation labels list SharePoint 2019
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