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I am using a Windows 10 and I installed a color printer and when I am trying to print a page the printer not printing in color, it only prints in black and white? Can you please help me to know Why my printer not printing in color windows 10? and how to fix it?

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Solving: printer only printing in black and white issue


The printer not printing in color issue is mainly related to the current printer driver installed on your PC for this printer, where

  • The currently installed driver may not be related to the current printer or
  • The currently installed driver doesn't support the current operating system.


In your case, to allow your printer to print in color, you have to do the following:

  1. Based on your printer model search for the internet to its corresponding manufacture to get the correct driver.
    Ex: if your printer manufacture is HP, so search by the Printer Model name on HP Printer Software and Driver Downloads site to get the corresponding driver based on your operating system.
    solving printer only printing in black and white issue in WIndows 10
  2. Once you have installed the correct driver for your printer based on the current installed operating system, you have two options.
    • 1) Remove the current Printer and re-add it again from the Control Panel.
      printer not printing in color Windows 10
    • 2) Or change the assigned driver from Printer Properties to the newly installed driver.
      Change printer driver from control panel windows 10
  3. Try now to print a test document, you should find the Color option to can print in color or black and white.
    enable color option during print windows 10
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Exactly, the issue was related to the installed driver, I have uninstalled the old one and installed the new one and printer is printing in color now, Thanks!
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