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I got this error "Your account is not enabled for Microsoft Forms" when trying to access Microsoft forms using https://forms.office.com/ 

Your account is not enabled for Microsoft Forms, Please contact your administrator for access, or switch to an authorized account.

Technical details
Session id: 22552f5d-6f57-48e4-bd25-2e5d8a10046d, Correlation id: 7ae1e73c-be60-4f41-834f-4f0289de77e5

can't access Microsoft forms in Office 365

As an Oraganization administrator, How can I enable or disable access to Microsoft Forms for specific users?

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Solving: Your account is not enabled for Microsoft Forms

Actually, this error occurs in case the Organization Administrator turned off the Microsoft Forms for your account or the whole organization!

How to enable access to Microsoft Forms for specific users?

As a Global Admin, you can turn on or turn off a specific App for specific users through the Admin Center by doing the following:

  1. log in to the Microsoft Admin Center through this URL https://admin.microsoft.com/ using your Global Admin Account.
  2. From the left side, click on User > Active Users.
    Manage active users in Office 365
  3. Select the users for whom you want to turn on Microsoft Forms.
  4. From the ribbon, click on "Manage product licenses."
    manage product license for a user in Microsoft 365 Microsoft Forms
  5. Scroll down, until you find the Microsoft Forms, Just check it and click Save changes!
    Enable Microsoft Forms for a specific user

- SharePoint services must also be enabled to allow people in your organization to access Microsoft Forms.
- If the Microsoft Forms was checked try to uncheck it and then click Save changes, then recheck it again then click Save changes !
- It may take some time to reflect your changes

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