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A very random testing plan which can be executed to find random defects is known as ad hoc testing. Know more about ad hoc testing in this article – Ad Hoc testing explained

Lets look at some of the Examples of Ad-hoc testing


  • To test the web application responsiveness, tester can randomly open the web application in various browsers like Firefox, Internet explorer or any mobile devices.
  • Most common example is entering random input in the text boxes to test validation of the input field.
  • Testing the application on different platform to test cross-platform compatibility of the system.
  • For mobile app testing, the perfect example of ad hoc testing will be opening up the app and clicking random buttons or text to perform random functions.
  • Checking the web application functionality with respect to back button of the browser.
  • Random power off the mobile / system while doing any activity on the application being tested.

There can be many more such examples of ad-hoc testing

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