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I can't find the Start Automatically setting in IIS 10, I also checked other IIS versions like 8.5, and still missing the Start Automatically setting in IIS and only can see the "Start Mode" option a below

missing start automatically in IIS

But I do not have a "Start Automatically" setting in the advanced settings of my website!

can't find the Start Automatically setting in IIS 10

Can you help me to know why I can't find the Start Automatically setting in IIS 8.5 and later?

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As per my observation in different IIS versions, it seems the "Start Automatically" option is not available in IIS 10, and IIS 8.5 in the IIS Manager interface, it's only available in IIS 7 and previous versions!!

can't find the Start Automatically setting in IIS 10

I also noticed that if the IIS initialization feature that introduced in IIS 7.5 is already installed,

IIS initialization

The "Start Automatically" option will not be available for the Application Pool in the IIS Manager interface.

missing Start Mode in IIS

So to get the same impact of Start Automatically in IIS 7.5 and later, you have to set the Preload Enabled to True at the WebSite > Advanced Settings as shown below

iis preload enabled true

Note: The IIS 8.0 Application Initialization feature gives developers and administrators the ability to return static content to browsers while IIS is initializing a "cold" application. Serving static content immediately to browsers gives customers a better user experience. Read more at IIS initialization

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