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It's the first time I am using Microsoft Planner, and I have already created a new plan and now I need to delete the newly created plan but I can't find any option to delete a plan in Microsoft Planner?

delete plan in planner microsoft

Please guide me How I can delete a plan in Microsoft Planner?

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How to Delete a Plan in Microsoft Planner?

To delete a plan in Microsoft Planner, you have to do the following:


  1. Log in to Microsoft 365, and Click on the App Launcher > All Apps.
  2. Search for Planner.
    Opne Microsoft Planner Hub
  3. Click on All, to find all the plans created from the SharePoint site or from the Planner Hub.
    Get all plans in SharePoint Online Site
  4. Click on your Plan to open it.
  5. Besides, Board, Charts, and Schedule, click on the eclipse ... > the select "Plan Settings"
    how to delete a plan in Microsoft Planner

    Note: You can directly click on Plan Name to open the Plan settings.

  6. A new dialog will be opened on the right side, Click on "Delete this plan" at the bottom to delete this plan.
    delete a plan list in SharePoint online site
  7. Check the I understand, then the delete button to delete your plan permanently.
    restore deleted plan in Microsoft Planner

Note: you can't restore a deleted Plan in Microsoft Planner, once the plan is deleted, you will not be able to restore it by any means!

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I got it thank you!
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