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I have noted that the Tasks in Teams is now generaly available on desktop and web to everyone with a Microsoft 365, and on the desktop app the tasks is named as "Tasks by Planner and To Do"!

Is it mean the Planner App will be deprecated or removed in Microsoft 365 soon?

Is Planner getting deprecated in Microsoft 365?

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Microsoft Planner Roadmap

In general, you have two main ways to predict or confirm if there is a specific product that will be deprecated or not!

  1. A clear announcement from Microsoft that may offer the replacement or the reason for deprecation/removal.
  2. Checking the product road map.

Is Planner deprecated in Microsoft 365?

In our case, there is no clear announcement to confirm that the Microsoft Planner will be deprecated soon!
Also, the Microsoft Planner road map has more than 10 updates right now (6 lunched this year, 2 Rolling Out, 3 In development),

Planner Roadmap in Microsoft 356

Based on the above info and my humble experience, there is no plan from Microsoft to deprecate Microsoft Planner at least for the time being. On the contrary, the above info means Microsoft is continuing to invest in Microsoft Planner.

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