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I am using GitHub site, and I need to embed video or map or IFrame to be shown in GitHub readme.md file, Is it possible?

I have tried to embed IFrame using the below code but it's not working the MarkDown GitHub readme.md file!

<iframe  frameborder="0" 
        style=" width: 100%; height: 110%;" src="https://app">

I also have tried the below <Object> tag to embed a video

<object width="625" height="800">
  <embed src="http://url"
         wmode="transparent" width="625" height="800" />

but still I can't embed IFrame in GitHub?

embed html in github

Can you help me to know How can I embed IFrame and Video in GitHub readme.md file?

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Is it possible to add an IFrame to the GitHub Readme page?

As a short answer, NO, embed HTML code is not supported in Github files like the Readme page, even though you have set the extension to the .HTML.

embed html code in github

The HTML code can be ONLY emebed to GitHub Pages

Workaround to embed Iframe in GitHub

As a workaround, you can add a linkable image for your Iframe, video, map ..... etc using the below code.

[![Title](Image URL)](Link URL)


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